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Snowmageddon 2020
Snowmageddon 2020

Crossroads Inn & Suites is grateful for the opportunity to work with amazing people across our home province of Newfoundland and Labrador and the visitors that stay with us from Canada and beyond. We value the relationships that have built and are always looking to make our community a better place. That is why we jumped into action in January 2020 when Snowmageddon hit the Avalon region.

Snowmageddon was a record-breaking storm that resulted in the city shutting down roadways and declaring a state of emergency. The Newfoundland Herald reported that, at its peak, the storm had caused 15,000 power outages, 100 cm of snow had fallen, and wind gusts of 150 kilometers raced through the Avalon area.

Crossroads Inn & Suites is located on the Avalon Peninsula, serving as a key location point for emergency responders who arrived from all over Canada. We were in the center of the storm, and ready to help those who worked day and night to repair roads, power, access emergency healthcare, and essential services.

The storm never took a break and crews worked tirelessly around the clock in the hurricane-force winds and bitter cold. The Crossroads Inn & Suites didn’t think twice, knowing that we had a responsibility to make sure that these exhausted workers had a hot meal and a comfortable place to lay their heads. And, as the storm tore through the city we helped emergency crews stay nourished and get as much rest as they could.

In some situations during the storm, people who came to Newfoundland for one reason or another ended up getting stuck here with nowhere to go. This was the case for one of our friends at Jesse James Trucking in Nova Scotia. A driver from Jesse James Trucking became stranded on a trip that he had not planned for.  Our team at Crossroads Inn & Suites was delighted to be able to provide the driver with food & accommodations as he needed to stay comfortable as he waited for the storm to pass and the roads to reopen. These conditions tested us all, but we made it through together.

With that said, we hope the lights stay on and the wind stays calm this winter. But should it not, we are ready to help those who find themselves in the eye of a storm. We, at Crossroads Inn & Suites, have comfortable beds, hot beverages, wifi, and premium channel channels. Just pop up some popcorn and we can ride the next storm out together while watching a movie or… if needed … 10.