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$25,000 Donation to Rainbow Riders
$25,000 Donation to Rainbow Riders

At Crossroads Inn & Suites, we are fortunate to work with so many amazing organizations in-and-around Newfoundland & Labrador that focus on making our community a better place to live.

We are where we are today because of you, our loyal and supporting customers. One way we want to honour that is by helping organizations like the Rainbow Riders who give back to the community.

We were fortunate to be able to donate $25,000 to help further their efforts to support children and adults that have varying physical, emotional, cognitive, or social disabilities. Along with the donation, Crossroads was able to help provide desks for their new office space.

Rainbow Riders is a nonprofit organization located in St. John’s and have been operating for over 30 years working with inclusive groups of children and adults that have varying physical, emotional, cognitive, or social disabilities or diagnosis.

They offer therapeutic riding and interactions with horses for these groups of individuals. Rainbow Riders have a variety of programs aimed to help so many people, including riding sessions, summer camps, school groups, and more!

The work they are doing is so important, and studies have shown that working with horses has helped individuals improve their balance, muscle strength, self-confidence, reflexes, muscular control, reduce stress, and so much more.

Rainbow Riders are helping the community in a variety of ways, especially dealing with children and adults that are dealing with certain conditions and providing them with a place where they can relax and feel more comfortable. Over the years, Rainbow Riders and their horses have helped provide comfort and a strong sense of community in the province.

We are so proud to be a supporting partner of The Rainbow Riders! As an organization that is shaping individuals daily, they deserve to be able to continue to work with these people. As an organization that relies solely on donations, Rainbow Riders has provided so much to so many people, and we hope they continue to receive support from our community!

If you are interested in learning more about the Rainbow Riders and the work they are doing, make a donation, or volunteer, visit their website: http://www.rainbowridersnl.com